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Rank Forenames Surname Date of Death Age Force Unit / Ship / Battalion / Squadron Place of Burial Memorial Page
Trooper RAYMOND JOHN BANKS Tuesday, 29 August 1944 19 British Army Unknown SAINT-DESIR WAR CEMETERY Detail
Corporal EMMANUEL FREDERICK BROOKER Tuesday, 04 June 1940 to Friday, 08 November 1940 27 British Army 2 Battalion SAINT-VALERY-EN-CAUX FRANCO-BRITISH CEMETERY Detail
Private CHARLES THOMAS CAPELIN Friday, 23 June 1944 23 British Army 1 Battalion HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Fusilier ARTHUR CHARITY Tuesday, 06 June 1944 24 British Army Unknown LA DELIVRANDE WAR CEMETERY, DOUVRES Detail
Private MICHAEL DACOSTA Saturday, 01 July 1944 30 British Army 6 Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers (15th Scottish Infantry Division) SAINT-MANVIEU WAR CEMETERY, CHEUX Detail
Lieutenant PHILIP FRANCIS DE MAY Wednesday, 14 June 1944 20 British Army 8 King's Royal Irish Hussars HOTTOT-LES-BAGUES WAR CEMETERY Detail
Lieutenant DEREK IAN GRAHAME-PARKER Saturday, 10 June 1944 21 British Army 5 Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, C Squadron BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private LLOYD GEORGE KENNETT Saturday, 08 July 1944 25 Canadian Army Unknown BENY-SUR-MER CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY, REVIERS Detail
Major JOHN LEE Friday, 25 August 1944 32 Royal Navy 46 Royal Marine Commando RANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Chaplain 4th Class (Captain) The Rev. FRANCIS WILLIAM MUSGRAVE Wednesday, 02 August 1944 39 British Army 5 Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment (43rd Wessex Infantry Division) HOTTOT-LES-BAGUES WAR CEMETERY Detail
Lance Corporal DONALD ARTHUR NIXON Thursday, 24 August 1944 23 Canadian Army Unknown BRETTEVILLE-SUR-LAIZE CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY Detail
Major EDMUND LANCELOT GERALD PASSY Friday, 09 June 1944 26 British Army 2 Battalion CAMBES-EN-PLAINE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Trooper RAYMOND WILLIAM POVEY Saturday, 19 August 1944 20 British Army 1 Royal Tank Regiment (7th Armoured Division) HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private GORDON A. COSSERAT MOORE SEARSON Monday, 19 June 1944 18 British Army 2 Battalion BAYEUX MEMORIAL Detail
Guardsman ERIC HUGH SHEPPERSON Tuesday, 08 August 1944 21 British Army 2 Battalion SAINT-CHARLES-DE-PERCY WAR CEMETERY Detail
Gunner RICHARD SMITH Wednesday, 14 June 1944 18 British Army 5 Regiment SAINT-MANVIEU WAR CEMETERY, CHEUX Detail
Displaying 1 to 16 of 16 results.