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Rank Forenames Surname Date of Death Age Force Unit / Ship / Battalion / Squadron Place of Burial Memorial Page
Private CECIL SELBY Sunday, 11 June 1944 20 British Army 1 Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers (3rd Infantry Division) RYES WAR CEMETERY, BAZENVILLE Detail
Warrant Officer Class III DAVID SELBY Sunday, 02 June 1940 Unknown British Army 1 Battalion BLANGY-SUR-BRESLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY Detail
Lieutenant LESLIE JOHN SELBY Saturday, 26 August 1944 Unknown British Army Unknown SAINT-DESIR WAR CEMETERY Detail
Gunner PATRICK WALTER STEPHEN SELBY Tuesday, 25 July 1944 28 British Army 165 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Lieutenant WILLIAM CHARLES SELBY Monday, 07 August 1944 30 Canadian Army Unknown BRETTEVILLE-SUR-LAIZE CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY Detail
Fusilier WILLIAM GEORGE SELBY Saturday, 22 July 1944 Unknown British Army 6 Battalion BAYEUX MEMORIAL Detail
Displaying 1 to 6 of 6 results.