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Rank Forenames Surname Date of Death Age Force Unit / Ship / Battalion / Squadron Place of Burial Memorial Page
Private GORDON A. WESTON Tuesday, 18 July 1944 27 Canadian Army 1 Battalion BENY-SUR-MER CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY, REVIERS Detail
Private HENRY THOMAS WESTON Tuesday, 08 August 1944 41 British Army 112 Company BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Trooper JACK LEWIS WESTON Tuesday, 27 June 1944 24 British Army 23 Hussars (11th Armoured Division) BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private JAMES WESTON Monday, 10 July 1944 28 British Army 1 Battalion LA DELIVRANDE WAR CEMETERY, DOUVRES Detail
Gunner JOHN HERBERT WESTON Monday, 12 June 1944 35 British Army 127 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 440 (4 Battalion, The Queen's Royal Regiment [West Surrey]) Battery BAYEUX MEMORIAL Detail
Private LAURENCE WILLIAM CHARLES WESTON Sunday, 25 June 1944 26 British Army Unknown TILLY-SUR-SEULLES WAR CEMETERY Detail
Major PETER TUCK WESTON Sunday, 23 July 1944 24 British Army 1 Battalion BANNEVILLE-LA-CAMPAGNE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Squadron Leader RALPH HENRY WESTON Friday, 07 July 1944 Unknown Royal Air Force 166 (Royal Air Force) Squadron BANNEVILLE-LA-CAMPAGNE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private THOMAS JONES WESTON Saturday, 29 July 1944 20 British Army 2 Battalion TILLY-SUR-SEULLES WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private THOMAS ROBERT WESTON Saturday, 08 July 1944 34 British Army 2 Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment (3rd Infantry Division) RANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Technician Fifth Class WILLIE R. WESTON Monday, 18 September 1944 Unknown United States Army 663rd Quartermaster Truck Company NORMANDY AMERICAN CEMETERY Detail
Displaying 1 to 11 of 11 results.